15 GIFs about hiding depression

These are 15 GIFs that I hope explains why people should keep an open mind about what they say. You never know who is hiding something.


  1. “I’m so glad I don’t know what it’s like to have depression, you know?”

Many people should be happy about this. But it’s very ironic when this topic comes up in conversation and people ask you, thinking you have no idea. It’s almost delightful knowing that you have gotten away with it.


2. Finally being alone after going out. 

I do not like going out often. If I do go out, it’s not willingly. The second I get to escape I finally get to relax. Put down the fake exterior and persona.


3. “I just don’t get why people self harm. It’s so stupid.”

There’s only so many things you can defend with out people catching on. You unwillingly have to agree, but that doesn’t mean you have to say anything. You just hang in there till you can leave.


4. “People who say they have depression just need to cheer up and get over themselves.”

I will be honest, before I dealt with anything like this I had said the same thing. It’s not something that one can just get over. It’s severe and invisible, but it’s there. You can’t tell people about their ignorance though, they will understand some day. When someone they know or love opens up to them, they will understand.


5. “Those people just want attention.” 

When was the last time you saw someone waving their scars around? Or bragging about how many times they forced themselves to starve? It’s not something that people are proud of. It’s not something they want everyone to know about. It’s something that is private and personal. A way for each person to handle the different stress of their lives.


6. When someone points out one of your scars and you have to make up some story. 

Here we go again.


7. When someone clearly accepts you lie and moves on. 

Wait. Really? Are you really going to believe that load of shit? Okay. Fair enough. Moving on.


8. “Ew, your music is so emo.”

You don’t like it you can leave.


9. When you’re biting your tongue when you just want to scream.

So many times.


10. Deciding whether or not you should tell someone. 

about to open
There are so many obstacles. What if they hate you? What if they judge you? What if they call you crazy? You know you should tell someone, but you never know who you can trust.


11. “You should cover that up, people might think you cut yourself.”

keeping quiet
Yes. I have heard this more than once. Someone believes some bogus story about a faulty belt or an angry cat and then say something like this. What can you do?


12. When someone who knows points it out in public. 

Look, if someone opens up to you, don’t you dare talk about it to anyone else, or in front of anyone else. It’s not your place.


13. “I totally get it, I mean I get so depressed after Christmas ends I could die.”

Yeah, because that is exactly the same thing.


14. “Don’t lie to me. I know better.”

Usually, when someone cares enough, they will figure it out on their own. But there is no denying the terrifying feeling you get when someone says that.

15. When someone is actually there for you.

These people deserve metals. People who know someones deepest secret, and stays by them and helps them without judging. Seriously, do those people exist? If so, props. You all are amazing.



Alibis–Marianas Trench

Marianas Trench is a wonderful Punk-Pop group from Canada. They are actually on tour currently in the states though. It consists of four men who have performed together now for years. I started becoming slightly obsessed with them about three years ago when my family looked up their music videos. trench-smh-102811

Although they have a punk-themed look, their videos tend to be upbeat. Some songs definitely have a stronger theme to them. Song writer and lead singer, Josh Ramsay, often puts his life into his songs.


Battling anorexia and a heroine addiction at a young age gave him the soul needed for writing such intense lyrics. One of my favorites is Alibis. This was on their album titled Fix Me. This album hosts many of their rougher tunes that are deeply missed. Songs like this one cry out to me and really make me reflect on things that I’m going through or things from my past.

As always, this is simply my assumption, and what I personally take from the song. This does not necessarily reflect what the band means by their words.

“From the scrapes and bruises”

Knowing that Josh dealt with Anorexia means that he also probably had to deal with bulimia as well. Often, a side effect of bulimia means you get to walk around looking like you punched something recently. Unless someone uses alternative measures to induce their gag reflex, most people use their hands. More often than not your knuckles scrape your teeth. When done multiple times a day, this means that you will receive injuries that look like scrapes.

This is very accurate also if you self-harm. Some people with give themselves bruises instead and then say they fell. Easier to explain than straight lines.

To the familiar abuses”
To me, the word familiar is being used here because people hear about narcotic addictions more often than they do eating disorders. This going strongly for men. So here he is saying that in addition the the abuse he endures from the eating disorder, he also has what other people might call normal abuses as well. In his case, heroine.


It could also mean something that hasn’t been done in a while. It could also be interpreted that it was familiar because it had been done in the past. So using the self-harming idea again. If someone had stopped for a few months or years, then started once more, it would be the familiar abuse.

“I’ll kick and scream but it never changes anything”




I’ve been told, and have seen it portrayed, that when giving up an addiction to something as strong as heroine, your body completely rejects the lack of the drug. So major fits of aggression can, and do, occur. Then, with the last part of that line, “but it never changes anything” states that no matter how much he hates it, it never changes. So he can go on and on and nothing is going to change the state that he is in.

“I could spill my guts out
Wearing my best little girl pout”
I view this in three ways.
1) Literally spilling guts as in bulimia.
2) Spilling guts/blood as in self harm
3) Spilling guts as in telling someone about what they are going through.
However taking into account the next line, it is probably one of the first two.

“And I almost missed it”
When someone reflects on the past, sometimes they can’t believe that they missed that feeling. With this line, I almost feel like he is amazed by the thought. I can’t believe I almost missed it.

“But nobody said that this was gonna be easy”
Giving up any addiction is beyond difficult. When one is going to start to give something up they are bombarded with negative thoughts. People are all too willing to say that you are strong enough, but they never talk about how hard it is.

“This is not the man I hoped to be”
I don’t think that any young person dreams to be an adult dealing with an addiction. So this line seems to reflect on that thought.

“And I’m just trying to stop the bleeding”
This line, again, I take a couple ways. One way that it could be interpreted is stopping the bleeding from self-harm/bulimia. But there is also another viewpoint. One that mimics a similar thought, but not necessarily meaning that it has happened. This could just be a way of saying that he is simply trying to stay alive.

“I don’t know how to word it
I just started to deserve it”
Often times, when someone self-harms or partakes in eating disorders, they feel like they deserve to feel the way they do. I’m annoying to everyone I meet, I should punish myself. I disgust everyone by my size, I should starve myself. things like that. It might not start off that way, but it quickly turns into that.

“And all my, all my faces are alibis”
This is by far one of my favorite lines from Marianas Trench. I think most people can relate to this line in some way. This line is talking about how others people view him. If everyone sees a happy smiling face, how would they ever believe that I am depressed? If they have never seen me upset, how would they believe me when I tell them I need help? So when he says “faces” he is talking about his persona. When he says alibis, he is meaning his defense. Even if someone saw the scars, or saw the tell tale signs of eating disorders, “but he/she is always so happy! He/She could would never do that.”
“And me, I’m half the man I wanted to be”
You could take this literal, half the man because of the weight loss, or you could take it a bit more abstract. You know when some one say, “If you were half the man your father was…”? So he could just be saying that he isn’t good enough.

“Most times it all comes out wrong
I don’t know the words but I’ll hum along”
This line I take a little differently. I think that this is going along with the alibi theme. Pretending to be okay, when you really aren’t. I don’t know how to be normal, but I pretend to anyway. 

“There’s nothing familiar here anymore
To anyone or anything left to feel alive”
When dealing with depression, of any form, it is easy to think that you are completely alone. In feeling this way, you tend to push away people close to you. When this is done, you think that they left because of you and they were never really there. Then you start wondering who they were, did you ever really know them at all?

“And I still taste that sickness”
I think this one is pretty self explanatory… However there again there are two ways of looking at this. 1) literal sickness. 2) Plain disgust. Like when you are so upset at something you’re sick about it. So this could be someone reflecting on something unpleasant and still feeling upset about it. 

“And it makes me crazy without it at best”
This line is talking about at best he feels crazy without that sickness, which is rather upsetting when you think about it. This means there are times when he feels worse than just “crazy” at the loss of the thing he is trying so desperately to get rid of. 

“But I’m in the same place I used to be”
Still an addict. Still depressed…

“But I’m trying harder not to be”
Once an addict always an addict, but there are ways of working to be better. That is what this line is for.

This is not the man I hoped to be
And I’m just trying to stop the bleeding
I don’t know how to word it
I just started to deserve it
And all my, all my faces are alibis
And me, I’m half the man I wanted to be

So what am I? What am I? So what am I?
If you are trying to get better, so as to not be an addict, but you are still struggling–what are you? Feeling lost about who/what you are when you loose something that was such a big part of who you identified as is a very confusing thing.

And all my, all my faces are alibis
This is not the man I hoped to be
And I’m just trying to stop the bleeding

“I don’t know how the words go
I just started not to say no”
Just slightly different from the previous line, this one is talking about relapsing. At least that is my interpretation. Constantly saying no to something, then finally giving in. Not necessarily relapse, but in general.

“Don’t want it, don’t get it
I know you won’t regret it”
This line is kind of an advisory line. He is saying that he doesn’t want what he is going through, then telling others not to “get it” as in addiction.
“Don’t surface, don’t surface
And I feel so damned worthless”
1) If I do not get over this I will feel completely worthless
2) Don’t go outside, don’t let others see you because you feel so worthless.

“Another day is gone and all my faces are alibis”
Once again, I’m pretending to be something I’m not.

All my faces are alibis

And me, I’m half the man I wanted to be


I’ve said it throughout this piece that this is just my interpretation of the song. Often times I refer to him/he I do not necessarily mean Josh throughout. It is just the singer, so I refer to the voice. I’m not trying to say that this is how he feels/felt. I’m just interpreting the lyrics from my viewpoint.

This song is hauntingly beautiful with it’s comparisons and deep understanding of the struggles caused by addiction.

Plus, who can’t love a song by this sexy man??