Midnight: Analysis

This episode tends to split the audience. Many love it, many hate it. I personally adore this episode. My boyfriend hardly remembers it. I have put together reasons why I believe it to be such a good episode. If  you have anything to add, or argue, please feel free!

  1. It’s kind of nice to see The Doctor doing something on his own. I love Donna and companions in general. However, sometimes it’s nice to see him function without someone at his side 24/7.
  2. Different personalities shoved into one show… And it worked. Unlike Love and Monster… I’m so sorry I even mentioned it. Unlike, that one, The multiple personalities meshed really well and fit into the plot. There isn’t a single one where I thought, meh… wish they didn’t include that one.

  3. Another fandom character was there! The fact that Merlin showed up on set yet didn’t steal focus from the plot is wonderful. most shows when someone that recognizable is a guest, they make some really awkward scenes to feature said guest.

  4. It forced us all to use our imaginations. What was/is it? Could there really be something out there that is living somewhere that we think is unlivable?

  5. We got this amazing gif of Colin!

  6. Um… Hello. Rose!

  7. We got to see David do an amazing performance. Not being able to control any part of your body, trying desperately to explain to everyone what they are doing is wrong. Then when it’s all over, and he is safe, he doesn’t hop up like he normally does. Instead he stays down and simply says, “It’s gone.”

    Eventually he gets up, and you can tell in his eyes that he is something that we have never seen before this point. He is disappointed. He has been disappointed in people, of course, but this time it was different. He was disappointed in humans.
    This look was given when one of the people said that she knew that it wasn’t him. Pure disappointment.

I stand by this episode. I think that it is absolutely wonderful.


Who am I?

I’m the person you don’t see walk by. I’m the one people have to get you to describe because they can’t remember my name. I’m the one at my high school that everyone forgets one year later. I’m the girl who looks vaguely familiar, but you can’t put your finger on it. I shared the stage many times with you years ago, yet I’m a stranger to you now. I’m the friend from college that you just don’t seem to know much about now. I’m your friend from high school that you grew away from. I’m the one in the picture with you, but you can’t remember why.

I’m that person you see every now and then on Facebook, but you can’t remember why we became friends. I’m the one who comes to where you work every day, but you don’t know my name. I’m the cashier that you ignore because you had a phone call. I’m the fast food worker who already knew your order because you are a regular, but you still act like it’s your first time there. I’m the check-in girl at the hotel who already knows who you are, what level on the rewards program you are, and what company you work for, yet you don’t even look me in the eye.

I’m the coworker that you don’t know much about. I’m the one who always smiles and asks how you are. I am the one who always listens. I am that friend who is always there for you even when you haven’t contacted in months. I’m the sister that you confide in, but I never reciprocate. I’m the daughter that calls every day, but gets rushed off the phone. I’m that one cashier who spoke with you about dogs for ten minutes that you forgot about by the time you got home. I’m the worker that you told about your rough day and gave you a free tub of ice cream, but it wasn’t a flavor you preferred.

I’m the roommate you don’t even know is home. I’m the sister that is always on your side. I’m the idiot wearing long sleeves in the heat of summer. I’m the girl smiling at you as you walk by. I’m the girlfriend that you have to put up with. I’m the one on Pinterest looking up Doctor Who and Sherlock, apologizing for annoying people with them. I’m the one who is always laughing. I’m the worker you can depend on. I’m the one going through the drive through with the cat in my lap that you laugh at. I’m the friend that you talk to all the time, yet you know nothing about me.

I’m some one who cares more about the happiness of others before the happiness of myself. I am someone who would bend over backwards to do something for you if you asked me to. I am someone who can make you laugh when you’re having a bad day. I will have your back and encourage you to stay strong, even when I’m the one who cries myself to sleep each night.

I am there for all these people because I know what it’s like to have no one. So before you judge me for not having the same experiences you might have had in college, high school, or even in general, how about you just stop and think. Think about all those people that you have forgotten about, taken for granted, and abused for so many years. Roll all those people into one person. Put yourself into his/her shoes. Now look at me and judge me. You don’t know where anyone has been, you don’t know what anyone else has had to live through, so you don’t have a right to judge anyone.

It doesn’t matter what you look like, what you’re wearing, what color you are, or even what gender you are. It matters how you treat others.